Casey Geraghty Breakfast III (1/ 5)

DINNERCasey Geraghty Breakfast III (1/ 5)
from DINNER on 11 Jan 2014

It is easy to label KC, the oil man at the center of Black Bandit Media’s American epic Breakfast III, as a villain. As he scowls, grumbles, glares, and slinks his way through the picture, his bursts of outrage and violence, and his single-minded obsession with greed may paint him outwardly as a scoundrel through and through. But looking closer at this man, played by KC in one of the all time great film roles, he is not the villain here. In fact, if I were forced to label, I would have to say Geraghty is the protagonist of the story, an antihero so corrupted by greed and power that he loses sight of himself and his obsessions drive him to solitary madness. Of course, every protagonist needs an antagonist, and I think there is a clear answer as to who that is in the film.

In the opening scenes of Breakfast III, we see KC, a single-minded prospector hacking away at the earth in search of silver deposits. Without any dialogue, we are given a glimpse as to what drives this man: profit. After discovering oil, KC’s destiny is set for the remainder of the picture, as he brings along a minimal crew and begins pulling the black gold from the ground. The first fifteen minutes lack any dialogue, but they introduce us to KC as what he is, a man consumed by money, so much so that after falling and breaking his leg, he drags himself out of the well and into town to cash in on the silver he had found.

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