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Don Bambrick – Originals (

Don Bambrick – Originals
from on 21 Oct 2018

After a really, really long break, Create Originals are back with a new instalment of their Originals series and the latest featured skater is the mighty Don Bambrick. Bambrick is the latest addition to the Create Originals team and it’s no wonder considering his skills only seem to multiply with time. It’s crazy to think that Bambrick has been more productive and skating at a higher level now than he was when he was pro for USD. The man is just a joy to watch! The video was filmed and edited by Adam Johnson. Watch more videos of Don Bambrick HERE. Watch more Create Originals videos HERE.

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Gawds Pro – Michel Prado (

Gawds Pro – Michel Prado
from on 19 Oct 2018

Michel Prado is back with his third edit in four months for Gawds Brand. Yup, three edits that have a considerable amount of stunts in them in just four months. Either this guy is incredibly consistent and just never gets hurt or he has the heart of a lion – we are gonna guess it’s the second one. Hurricane topsoul down a steep-ass kink rail and an absolute beast of a back fast slide. If you pieced together all the absolute hammers this guy has laced over the years, that would be a LONG video. Our only criticism? On closer inspection, that 360 forward porn doesn’t count. Read our interview with Michel Prado HERE. Watch more videos of Michel Prado HERE.

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Eugen Enin – E.3 Teaser (

Eugen Enin – E.3 Teaser
from on 16 Oct 2018

If you have been craving a new Eugen Enin street section, your prayers may be getting answered very soon. Filmed exclusively in Tokyo, Japan, we are going to go ahead and predict that Eugen goes on a wrecking spree and gets weird and technical on every object he finds. The video is directed by Vincent Lindgren, who was responsible for the Nick Lomax and Sam Crofts Broke video, and filmed by Vincent Lindgren and Daniel Enin. The question is, can he top his Elite Series section? I guess we will have to wait and see. Read our interview with Eugen Enin HERE. Watch more videos of Eugen Enin HERE.

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Austin Cooper – USD Skates 2018 (

Austin Cooper – USD Skates 2018
from on 11 Oct 2018

An unexpected midweek surprise is always a welcome surprise and this one comes in the form of Austin Cooper‘s new section for USD Skates. Filmed over recent months in Colorado, this guy gets incredibly technical and creative and gives a few nods to Eugen Enin with certain moves. We are interested to see more from this guy in the near future. The video was filmed and edited by Austin Foogie Bartels. Watch more videos of Austin Cooper HERE.

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Chris Smith – Formosa And The Industry (

Chris Smith – Formosa And The Industry
from on 10 Oct 2018

This summer marked the release of Formosa, the third instalment of the incredibly popular series by The Cayenne Project. Now that the dust has settled on their latest epic journey, which witnessed the group of elite skaters tackle the previously unseen terrain of Taiwan, we decided to catch up with one of its stars – Chris Smith. We arranged the interview with the Atlanta native through Freddy White under the ruse of wanting to know more about the filming process behind Formosa, but the truth is we have been trying to arrange a feature with Chris for years. Now we had a premise, Formosa, and some exceptional photos courtesy of Cayenne’s resident photographer Dominik Wagner, it seemed as though everything had fallen into place. If you haven’t seen Formosa yet, it has a distinctly different aesthetic to the two previous Cayenne Project releases. For starters, the majority of the footage is shot at night and the way in which the action has been captured has a classic science fiction feel to it. Fans of the original Blade Runner will definitely appreciate the cinematography’s icy theme. For someone who claims to no longer have an interest in hucking himself down stuff, […]

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