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Sven Ischen – Ischen Impossible – Negative Protocol (

Sven Ischen – Ischen Impossible – Negative Protocol
from on 18 Aug 2018

Sven Ischen is back with another section for USD Skates and he definitely raises the bar from his last part. There are so many kink rails, and so many negative grinds, and so many negative grinds on kink rails! This guy could give Chris Farmer a run for his money with some of these hammers – the negative acid on the kink rail at the end was held perfectly. The video was filmed and edited by Daniel Enin. Watch more videos of Sven Ischen HERE. Watch more videos by Daniel Enin HERE.

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Cameron Talbott – Soma (

Cameron Talbott – Soma
from on 17 Aug 2018

Cameron Talbott just dropped a new outdoor park section and it features some seriously interesting moves. It’s a well-known fact that the guy has a smooth style and can link up some damn nice lines, but some of the combos in this one are ridiculous. Makio to drop truespin topside acid, soul to drop top porn to drop top porn AGAIN, and alley-oop mizou to rocket fishbrain are just some of the highlights. We’ll overlook the dirty mark in the middle of the first couple of fisheye shots…because we’re nice like that! Watch more videos of Cameron Talbott HERE.

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#113: Michael D’Andrade (

#113: Michael D’Andrade
from on 13 Aug 2018

It’s time to learn about the art of the slow walk away… Michael D’Andrade is a New York City native now living in the Bay Area. He always has the best vintage gear — skating-related and not — because he’s always on the prowl for it. On a sunny and seasonably warm Friday morning in […]

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Json Adriani – SoCal Classics (

Json Adriani – SoCal Classics
from on 11 Aug 2018

One of our favourite Italian bladers, Json Adriani, has just dropped a stylish new section documenting his trip to California. You may recognise many of these spots thanks to the iconic videos of Dave Paine, Carl Sturgess, Brandon Negrete and more. The Razors rider absolutely finesses all his tricks and his level of control is always a joy to watch, so it’s nice to see him revisiting former glory sites. Plus, truespin top acid both ways on ledges is hard to do and even harder to make look good – no problem for Json. Watch more videos of Json Adriani HERE. Read our interview with Json Adriani HERE.

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SB/S9 (

from on 10 Aug 2018

Stefan Brandow has been very busy of late, dropping new sections regularly and recently dropping his long-time boot sponsor Razors, and now he’s back with ANOTHER section. This time it’s a promo for S9 Bearings and it features an abundance of his trademark toe rolls and gaps – how is he still doing so many gaps after all these years? In other Stefan Brandow news, he was recently picked up by Roces to be on the ambassador team – hence the white Majestic 12s you see in this video. The video was filmed by Josh Yarmesch. Read our interview with Stefan Brandow HERE. Watch more videos of Stefan Brandow HERE.

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