Caught up in the moment 2013: by Francis Ali for (Francis Ali)

Francis AliCaught up in the moment 2013: by Francis Ali for
from Francis Ali on 16 Jan 2014

Blading Belgium brings you a mix of belgian and french rollerbladers who are hitting the streets with full passion for there sport.
Filmed in 2013.

Featuring: Antony Pottier, Stéphane Mosselmans, Rémy Meister, Francis Ali, Jeremy Kesler, Ward Gabriels, Raf Vandewalle, Wouter Legrand, Tomas Peetermans, Mathieu Hennebert, Zemmour Amir, Thomas Janssen, Gilles Beulens, Dennis Smeyers, Sander Vantomme, Nicky Marivoet, Quentin Skud Lagache, Guillaume Debuf, Niels Bulens, Clement Boucau, Bruno Willemarck, Bod Bodchov.

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