Chris PullarChris Pullar: Roller Skate Open REMIX
from Chris Pullar on 6 Dec 2022

SOUND UP or youll miss the vibe. This video is a remix of the tricks that were in my entry for the Roller Skate Open 2022 skatepark edit contest for quad enthusiasts of the trans Tasman region. In the version you see here I have left out one of the tricks from my submission (a halfcab frontside on a downrail), making this video entirely comprised of maneuvers Id not previously done in quads on such obstacles. Entitled Real Life, Ive long wanted to use this Kimbra track for its serious tone and lyrics about finding a process to progress without fear. Roller skating is something I first did when I was quite young and after a thirty year break it has been a thrill to return, with the experience I have from being an longtime inline skater and the plethora of influences within the current quad world, as I explore the possibilities provided by quads that inlines dont have. There are many differences between the two art forms and so many more similarities and I enjoy seeing them take influence from other action sports, as all action sport have done throughout history.Thanks go to my shop sponsor Bayside @baysideblades for the equipment under my feet, and a huge shoutout goes to The Park in Geelong @theparkgeelong for always being so accommodating and maintaining such an exciting world class indoor facility where ramp and street enthusiasts can create and progress. Finally cheers to all the hosts of the live YouTube broadcast on the 26/11/22 for being a part of something that inspired so much skating to go down in such a great annual showcase for the masses.If you like grinding on quads, Brunny Hardcore make the best blocks and trucks and theres nothing it it for me to tell you that, Im letting you know because I care.Cheers to @haydengolder for knowing when to hide behind a ledge during a clip (the final trick). What a guy. #aggressivequadskating #brunnyblocks #brunnyhardcore #bontparkstars #bontparkstar #rollerskating #rollerskates #rollerskate #rollerskater #rollerskatingtricks #baysideblades#patins #patines #roller #patinar #patiniinlinea #becauseitsfun #theparkgeelong #thefewstudios #rso2022r