Chris PullarChris Pullar – SKATEPHONY
from Chris Pullar on 26 Jul 2022

Ive always wanted to create a skating edit consisting mainly of slow motion footage. Those familiar with the old Videogroove series of blade films may remember the Visual Aids segments which was traditionally tricks screened in slow-mo paired with a song that set a patient tempo, which was usually my favorite part of the video. Those familiar with Metallicas instrumental Orion from their 1986 album Master Of Puppets might be excited by my use of this symphonic rendition by The Scorched Earth Orchestra. The use of the original as the crescendo to the 2003 skateboard flick, The DC Video, paired with Danny Ways vert capabilities and the introduction to mega ramp riding as we know it, had a profound affect on my appreciation for dramatic music in action sports films. I have fond memories of seeing parts of it performed live by Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela as well as the mighty Tool no less, and I went on to use it 4 years ago in an edit I made of my friend Johnny Jensen showcasing his ability on a vert and mini mega ramp. Following on from my Age: 40 edit which was filmed in 3 warm months ending April 3, 2022, the first clip in Skatephony was shot on April 11 and the most recent was shot on July 16, once again making it 3 months of compiling footage. The former was 40 clips long and the latter is 27, with the only thing slowing the process down being the inclement weather, hence my warm Stay Rolling sweater making regular appearances in this compilation of maneuvers. I didnt go out of my way to film any of this; it was all shot impromptuly whilst out and about with friends with a creative process that was always organic. I will say this though: Id never never quite dealt with cobblestones in this fashion before 2022.I hope you enjoy this exploration in sound, speed, colour and inline and quad skating. My thanks go to my shop sponsor, Bayside, and to the good folk that held a camera which in order of appearance includes Nick Dimos, Casey Kitten, Sam Nicholls, Tim Bradley, Andrew Lewis, Adam Lynch, Zac Hutchings, Daniel Lewis and Adam Davies. #aggressivequadskating #brunnyblocks #brunnyhardcore #bontparkstars #bontparkstar #rollerskating #rollerskates #rollerskate #rollerskater #rollerskatingtricks #baysideblades#rollerblading #inlineskating #inlineskates #aggressiveinline #lovethebladers #bladergram #patins #patines #roller #patinar #patiniinlinea #becauseitsfun