City Skating St Catharines Bill Stoppard & LeadFoot (PintoPonyProductions)

PintoPonyProductionsCity Skating St Catharines Bill Stoppard & LeadFoot
from PintoPonyProductions on 24 Jul 2017

City Skating St Catharines Canada with a GoPro pole and GoPro on the back of a car. Inline Sprints and double stops. *Inline Skating T Shirts at

Bill Stoppard Toronto Inline Skater visits hometown St Catharines.

This video is #24 of the Roll Every Day (RED July) series. Including St Paul Street and Montebello Park

Bill Stoppard’s Inline skates, Powerslide Kronos Reign 3 wheel hockey skate with Leopard Bearings from

My inline GoPro and other Cameras

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