sebahighCJ in Detroit
from sebahigh on 26 Jul 2013

“Welcome to Detroit.A well travelled CJ arrives in America, just barely making it through customs by cleverly claiming his place of residency in the US as simply 19 Detroit street.With bags packed and spirits high CJ and the crew take advantage of the local Detroit scenery. Days spent ice skating and exploring the city turned into nights spent chilling with good friends, 2 AM box sessions and in depth discussions of the new Seba Aggressive skate. CJ as usual was the life of the party, always making the best of every moment and opportunity he has been given as a result of skating.Oh by the way did we mention there was a contest… CJ made sure to make his time in America count taking the win in both the Aggressive Mall Champion Bowl and Pro contest. With smooth grinds, technical airs and creative lines CJ was able to work his way to the top, winning his first and unfortunately last Bittercold Showdown.After an eventful stay in America it was time for CJ to pack his oversized hammer and get some much needed rest.Where and what will CJ get into next? Only time will tell, but rest assured it will be worth watching.”FILM-Leon BasinCUT-Leon Basin & Joey McGarryTEXT- Erik