Brandon DrummondClarks Original x Them Skates ARE HERE! Yasutoko Aeons, Masterblade, 50/50 Skates & More Blader News
from Brandon Drummond on 4 Oct 2022

Bladers are disappointed with the lastest Them skates collab. Brown Aeons spotted in the wild possibly a Yasutoko brothers skate, this and much more rollerblading news. 0:00 Horrible front flip bail 0:52 Clarks Originals x Them Skates AW22Wallabee Boot, Wallabee Cup Mule, Them 909, Them 80 Your Reaction Alternative/what people wanted? Hartcopy Highsnobiety 5:30 Masterblade Drops Team Kareem Shehab, Phillip Moore, and Michael Braud6:46 Roces ASAYAKE BLUE Signature skate for Yuto Goto 7:28 New Yasutoko Aeons 8:13 USD Feinberg Aeons 9:34 Laws skates made by 50/50 manufacturing 11:01 Blader News Continued Official Official Mesmer Domonic Bruce release Rollerblade Twister limited edition Great promosGreat Blade Art by @hey_xiaotian Mushroom Blading Wheel Companys Goldilocks wheel 65mm 90a Great marketing3d printed skates! 3D printed plates for ST-SB Sick skatesChroma Stefan Brandow Wheels Mistrzostwach Polski Rollcup comp highligh Saftygrab Wean edit Front Flip into Quarter Russell Day ledge lines More of my stuffTwitch: Patreon: Exclusive Videos: Instagram: Laced NZ – My Merch: TOP SECRET DISCORD, TikTok, Twitter, Subreddit & more