Jo ZenkClash bail taking me out of finals
from Jo Zenk on 27 Feb 2023

Unfortunate bail during a fun sesh for the crowd after qualifier. Shortly before finding out I would have been in finals. It is what it is. Almost back at 100% at this moment. One unaware moment can f*ck up so much. I know what went wrong, where my mind was at that time. Not always possible to be in best state of mind tho. Next year Ill try have everything occupying my mind sorted before going to clash. Be aware. Always. Ill be moving to cologne in about a month which will set the base for the rest of the year. New season will bring lots of opportunity around. Excited for the future. Please Subscribe if you want to see more. New project about to come out #soon This clip was filmed by Hawke Trackler for his winterclash edit. I was lazy so I filmed screen. Follow on insta: Check the channel for moreHttps:// Get all you need to roll at: Use code ZENK10 at checkout to send me 10% of your purchase #jozenk #rollerblading #winterclash