Cody Lampman Cheezyfeet Contest 1st place! (Cheezy Feet)

Cheezy FeetCody Lampman Cheezyfeet Contest 1st place!
from Cheezy Feet on 15 Dec 2017

Cody Lampman contest winner edit!
@codylampman filmed by Ian Walker
And here we go! Cody Lampman takes the win in our first online video contest! Cody has always been known for internet breaking edits and when he sent over his entry, it was no exception. He is constantly surprising the blade scene. If you haven’t heard of Cody yet, go do yourself a favor and catch up on some of his stuff! Hit the link in our bio to see all the entries! Everyone really put out some really solid stuff for the contest and I am so happy with the turnout! I love you all like brothers! Be sure to lookout for our next online contest very soon �✌️� #blading #onlinecontest #cheezyfeet

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