Concrete Circus – Eugen Enin (

Concrete Circus – Eugen Enin
from on 28 Dec 2021

It’s only been a week since Eugen Enin dropped his pro Shadow promo and he’s back again with a three-part mammoth video that shoes off his wide variety of tricks. After overcoming a serious ankle injury, the USD pro is back and he’s just as technical, dropping 450 grinds and bizarre switch-ups all over the place, but the most interesting thing about this section is he also gets weird and shows us a different side to his blading that is clearly inspired by the Mushroom Blading movement. The backslide fast tap to 360 backslide down the chrome rail at Berlin’s most famous street spot has got to be a world first, right? The video was filmed and edited by Daniel Enin. Watch more videos of Eugen Enin HERE. Watch our podcast with Eugen Enin HERE.

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