Rachard JohnsonControlling your mindset will change your life – Demetrios George
from Rachard Johnson on 25 Dec 2022

shop at https://www.onetrickaday.com/Athlete: Demetrios George – https://www.instagram.com/demetriosgeorge/Shot By: Rachard Johnson https://www.instagram.com/rachard.johnson/Lots of ups and downs for Demetrios George.. Finally in a state of focus not many achieve easily.Many say he is too old for hammers, he says your not in your right mindset to even think about attempting these stunts..Its nothing new to him, weve been doing things like this since kids, so in reality we allready know wht it takes to hammer out these kind of tricks.. Demetrios is a one of a kind athlete and one of my very best friends and as we begun to clip up for his VOD Life got in the way, again.. this is the mindset of Demetrios George and every one of our clips have a very deep meaning…. this is just the beginning so stay tuned..