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from on 23 Dec 2017

A couple of months back, a new edit appeared online featuring Austin Cooper and we have only just discovered it now. There are some bloody hard tricks in this, including but not limited to the fast tap 270 topsoul to wallride and the fakie 270 backslide drop to alley-oop top porn mini ledge transfer. Also, both of those tricks were total mouthfuls! According to the Vimeo stats, this video has had over 13,000 plays! That is normally the kind of figure you associate with a skateboarding video…or an Alex Broskow video that has been online for a few years. The video was filmed and edited by Austin Foogie Bartels. If you haven’t seen it yet, we thoroughly recommend you check out The Comedown. COOP from The ComeDown on Vimeo.

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