COR3- 8.Josiah & Walker (Carter LeBlanc)

Carter LeBlancCOR3- 8.Josiah & Walker
from Carter LeBlanc on 28 Jan 2020

Josiah & Ian are good friends, niether one thought they would gather as much quality footage as they did for this project. Josiah was recovering from a knee injury and realizing he can manipulate the matrix as he wanted while Ian is realized his cruise is still sailing deep at sea.

To me the friends part tends to represent amazing people you wish you had more footage of, this part is no exception to that although I do fucking love watching this mix of amazing friends skating.
Chance Of Rain 3 is a hybrid skate video showcasing rollerblading and skateboarding from Seattle, WA. Featuring full parts from Jeph Howard, Avery Christenson, Carter LeBlanc, Dustin Spengler, Derek Brown, Alex Sams, James Truitt, Sam Asken and other friends.

Filmed & Edited by Carter LeBlanc & Derek Brown
Additional filmers: Josiah Blee, James Truitt, Sam Asken, Jeph Howard, Geoff Phillip, Shane McClay, Stephen Babcock, Neil Christenson & Avery Christenson.

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