COR3- DEREK BROWN (Carter LeBlanc)

from Carter LeBlanc on 28 Jan 2020

Derek is most responsible for the Chance of Rain series. Without his being the projects would not have happend in the first place and without his artistic vision we would be somewhere, but not here. His excitement for skating is so encouraging, we all know the hype of having brown excited to see you land your trick. For this part though we were more often excited to see Derek succeed. He turned the fucking heat up for this one when he didnt think he would again, way of the fuckin road bud.

Derek and I have been creative partners in creating the Chance of Rain series. It is a suprise and delight to both of us that Derek thought he was slowing down but has only really just self-actualized his own skating. Before beginning Derek really thought he’d just help fill out the friends part.. I salute to another Lifer only getting better with age

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