Couple’a days in London.

Jon LeeCouple’a days in London.
from Jon Lee on 20 Nov 2013


The (X) at the top right corner is there to close the screen if you find any, or all, of this footage offensive in any way. There are scenes of smoking weed via pipe, swearing, bailing, vandalism, and a bit of blading. But this is what we do, and this is who we are, so ENJOY!

This was filmed over a couple’a days in London. We all got together in remembrance of Brandon Jesus Negrete.

*Just found out that you cannot donate anymore, so sorry to anyone who tried to! I had no idea*

Now, get some brews, pack that bowl and fire it up!

Featured Skaters (in order of appearance..)

James Bower
Alex Brightwell
Blake Bird
Michal Pupava
Rob Glanville
Leon Humphries
Sam Crofts
Gareth Griffiths
Andrew Halls
Ian Dimitri Galais
Neil Ingall
Mike Welland
Travis Sweeny
Andrew ‘Scouse’ Rice

Thanks to Dolphin Milk Cult & Dirt Box (

Here’s to you Brandon, for all the skate eye candy you delivered to the world! RIP dood, from all in C.R.

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