Cross-country skating on the Powerslide Grave Digger Adventure Off-Road skates – 908201 (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesCross-country skating on the Powerslide Grave Digger Adventure Off-Road skates – 908201
from Powerslide Inline skates on 21 Jul 2017

Explore nature trails on your Powerslide Grave Digger off-road inline skates. These comfortable all-terrain skates come with unstoppable 200mm air tires & an adjustable cuff brake, made for all weather, all season, all terrain. It´s the first nordic skate for your off-road adventures with our new Trinity mounting for a stronger connection of boot & frame to enhance balance & control during skating. If you want to master every trail with more ease, the Grave Digger will upgrade your nordic workout to the next level!
The bigger the wheels get the more important are control and support over your skates. TRINITY puts skating to a new level. Skates featuring the TRINITY 3-point mounting outperform the standard mounting by far. TRINITY skates have the lowest possible center of gravity, which makes them easier to control and more reactive. You are also faster and more agile thanks to the better power transfer.
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Powerslide Grave Digger Off-Road Inline Skate

Powerslide Off-Road team skater Flo Genser makes the most out of his adventure day in nature, cruising through the wonderful scenery of the north Bavarian Fichtelsee on his brand new Grave Digger skates. Using nordic sticks to accelerate more effectivley, Flo also achieves a full body workout.

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No limits, just skate! Leave the beaten path on Powerslide Off-road skates. Big air tires will let you roll all terrains, enabling your inline skating experience even on the gnarliest surfaces. Heat moldable MyFit liners assure pure comfort while pushing through the forest, pacing that downhill road or flying through a dirt track on your SUV Triskates. Also, you can overcome your skiing off-season better: strap on our cross country nordic skates and a pair of poles to get a full body workout. All season, all terrain.

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Fichtelsee cross-country skating on the Powerslide Grave Digger Adventure Off-Road skates
Skater: Florian Genser
Video: Mark Heuss
Camera: Canon XC10
Stabilizer: Gudsen Moza Air Gimbal:
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Powerslide Inline Skates

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