Back to BladingCrunchy Ledges with Raleigh Rollerblading Crew // Aggressive Inline
from Back to Blading on 14 Nov 2021

I usually skate by myself. Bladers are typically the worst when it comes to mornings and showing up on time. But today I was lucky to get to session with the Raleigh Rollerblading crew at a few spots around Durham.I’m also trying the MyFit Crown liners in the Gawds Tim Franken skates for the first time. They’re a thick, beefy liner that should fill out this shell nicely. We’ll see.Raleigh Rollerblading Instagram: 0:00Crown Liners 1:24First Spot 2:20Second Spot 6:28* More Back to Blading *Website: http://BackToBlading.comSlack: of Spring by Kevin MacLeodLink: