Custom Razors Shift // Skate hardware (Thisissoul)

ThisissoulCustom Razors Shift // Skate hardware
from Thisissoul on 11 Aug 2019

These are Ivo Vegter’s own skates.

The skates are the Razors Shift

The frame is the size large GC 6000. It is the largest metal frame on the market, ideal for people with size eu44 feet!

The wheels are the Rollerblade Hydrogen 84mm wheels. they actually fit in the size Large GC 6000 frame!

The liner is the intuition liner:

The buckle is the Salomon buckle which is not for sale anymore. Other buckles can be found here:

The shockabsorber is the Remz and the aeon shockabsorber. if you want this or any other pad that is not on the website then email us!

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