Dan Loveless: A Series of Unfortunate Incidents (https://www.wheelscene.co.uk)

Dan Loveless: A Series of Unfortunate Incidents
from https://www.wheelscene.co.uk on 27 Aug 2021

Dan Loveless does not have the best luck. A combination of wrong place, wrong time, poor decision making and falling victim to ruthless strangers has resulted in him essentially being homeless and living in a van for a period of time, being arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana and banned from driving for a year. and then having his van stolen and being blackmailed by the person who stole it, To top it all off, he injured his ankle on a photo mission shortly after that kept him off skates for six months. Thankfully, all of that has been put behind him and he now has a new car, has his licence back and has fully recovered from his injury. It was a bit grim for a while, but things are looking up for Dan Loveless. The Dorset-based skater is now one of the last men standing on the Razors UK team. The brand’s once formidable British presence has shrunk down to a mere three riders, but Loveless is content with his position and has proven his loyalty to the brand, churning out regular promotional videos for skate releases and maintaining his presence on social media. He may […]

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