Danny’s point RB80 and RB80 Pro (AuthenticRollerblade)

AuthenticRollerbladeDanny’s point RB80 and RB80 Pro
from AuthenticRollerblade on 16 Jun 2017

In this new episode of Danny’s Point, our urban athlete and video host reviews the very light and good looking Rollerblade® RB 80 and RB80 Pro skates.

Danny starts with the top of the line affordable and vented RB80 skate. The skates come with an aluminium frame and 80mm urban wheels. The skates come fresh out of the box with SG7 bearings for a smooth ride. The red accents on the laces give these skates a clean and striking look.

The RB80 Pro is reviewed as well. The RB80 has a unique olive green colour which stands out from the rest of the urban skates on the market. The RB80 Pro comes with Danny’s favourite Supreme wheels; Danny’s choice for an urban ride and parallel slides on the streets. Another main advantage of the RB80 that Pro Danny points out is the replaceable cuff.

Check our Danny’s Point on the RB80 and RB80 Pro then visit our product page on rollerblade.com or ask your local Rollerblade® dealer for more information.

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