Deep City Inline and Gym Anger -Podcast For Skaters 3 (PintoPonyProductions)

PintoPonyProductionsDeep City Inline and Gym Anger -Podcast For Skaters 3
from PintoPonyProductions on 7 Dec 2018

Inline Skating Podcast with rolling footage of Inline Skating Downtown Toronto, King Street West and the Skydome. Topics.: Gym Etiquette, Skate music, favourite London UK skate spots, and ‘Was I mad at that car?’ Bill Stoppard’s Patreon site is here:

Black Knight Patron Sonic Sports has supplied super cool inline tools & pucks to Pinto Pony Productions

My sunglasses are Pit Viper Glasses from

My big 3 wheeled Hockey Skates – Powerslide Kronos Reign are from

*Inline Skating T-Shirts at…

Remeber, the best inline skater will ‘pad it out when in doubt’

Inline Skating in From High Park area to Queen Street West.

My inline GoPro and other Cameras

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