Tom MoyseDoes Rollerblading Have A Future?
from Tom Moyse on 24 Jun 2022

Does inline skating have a future?It feels like rollerblading has been coming back recent, with a massive resurgence in 2020. Realistically its a the main increases in rollerbladers has come from older bladers returning. So what doe that mean for the future of rollerblading, will inline skating die down again in a few years when these bladers feel too old to skate. Rollerblading needs the youth. Is there a new generation of superstars on that way.We look into it all in this videoHelp me get to Blading Cup: Enter MOYSE at checkout for 10% off your MUZZLE order. I will also receive 10% So this really helps me out. Join the Patreon PayPal donations and more: Alright00:17 How did rollerblading get here?02:15 Where did the resurgence come from?04:24 The future of rollerblading 14:30 Summary17:27 PATREONCover photo: Wax Toaster: Episode15 – Junkyu Park, Kevin Lee, & Seth Chandler Yoon USD Skates Introduction – Zerotype Senna – USD Skates 2021 RISING Witzemann Pushers volume 2 Martin