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from Tom Moyse on 30 Jan 2022

Rollerblading news. All the edits to watch, the podcasts to listen to and the clobber to buy!Grab a Spotty Dog tee from support me to make Rollerblading videos, from Watch Listen Consume: Rollerblading News to Reaction Videos and Hot Takes, any donation would be greatly appreciated. What do you call this trick?Consume:00:11 Sola Equipment x Joe Atkinson Limited Edition Frame Mike Opalek – Brink residuals 00:45 Forward or Fakie? Them Skates Vans Skins Moxi Rollerskates at Them Store Entente T-shirt Crazy Pills David Sizemore Paper doesnt grow on trees Them Skates – Raw Weekend Sam Leviton Rollerblading is heavenly Adam Wrzal Harvest No Jumper The Air Dolphin Interview: Jump Street Podcast Episode 117 with Dominic Sagona Platform Episode 51 – Chase Rushing OutroSpotty Dog