Dustin Werbeski on Powerslide Imperial SUV 125 off-road inline skates (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesDustin Werbeski on Powerslide Imperial SUV 125 off-road inline skates
from Powerslide Inline skates on 8 Jul 2017

Dustin Werbeski is making good use of his Imperial SUV off-road skates in the North American nature. 3 big air tires and a supportive hard shell will make you roll everywhere.
The Powerslide Imperial SUV 125 off-road inline skate combines vicious & heaven sent purposes like no other. Get the ultimate adrenaline kick on your dirt runs, pump tracks & downhills or train & get in shape with a full body workout. No matter what you choose, the Imperial SUV Triskates will cover all your needs: Durable 125mm tires, a rigid hard shell construction, a comfortable heat moldable liner & a safe heel brake are waiting for you!
Find out more about the Imperial SUV skates at: http://www.powerslide.com/inline/off-road/powerslide-imperial-suv-125-off-road-inline-skate

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Find out more about the off-road skates at: http://www.powerslide.com/inline/off-road/
No limits, just skate! Leave the beaten path on Powerslide Off-road skates. Big air tires will let you roll all terrains, enabling your inline skating experience even on the gnarliest surfaces. Heat moldable MyFit liners assure pure comfort while pushing through the forest, pacing that downhill road or flying through a dirt track on your SUV Triskates. Also, you can overcome your skiing off-season better: strap on our cross country nordic skates and a pair of poles to get a full body workout.

Dustin Werbeski on Powerslide Imperial SUV 125 off-road inline skates

Skater & Video: Dustin Werbeski

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