dynovfr2BS (alf)

from alf on 27 Jan 2019


I’m not charging for this but if you’d like to hit me with some stacks please look below.
paypal – alfduh@gmail.com

Rated 5 ***** Stars
“This video is never coming out” Shane Conn
” Hyped ” Danny Beer
“I love the dadchuk section” – Jan Welch
“I just wanna boost airs” J Timms.
“Paparazzi Video”
“Can’t wait to frederick your shit”

Nick Dadchuk, Andrew Nemiroski, Tom Leong, Ben Magaziner, Dustin Raysik,Jim Mckenna, Chase Foley, Senator Capacete, Cody Reffner, Shane Conn, Tad Labozzetta, Ben Simmons.

Shot, Directed and Cut by Steve Iacono
Set Director – Chuck bass
98.39 percent shot on iOS 10
Philadelphia, New York City. 2018. Please Donate to the save a black squirrel fund to alfduh@gmail.com ty

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