from SCUMPIRE on 26 Nov 2014

so i finally got around to releasing this baby.
Here it is fellas, the mysterious yet elusive EL_CHVPO is now up in its entirety, FREE for all to view. this was one of my favorite eras in my blade life, and all my boyz put it down. crazy to think thats a year ago now.

I could have never done this without my boyz…who im truly thankful to have on this weird ass turkey-day.
this video came straight from the bowels of my soul, without expecting anything in return; but to hope this helps keep people blading, and keep people thinking and feeling weird.
thanks for the support and keep your ear out for newer deals from scumpire and the CHVPO_CLIQVE…were just getting started players
Ian (WVTRS) Walker
i finally got my dream camera setup so prepare yourselves for 2015.

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