Elliot Stevens x Sydney (Dom West)

Dom WestElliot Stevens x Sydney
from Dom West on 24 Dec 2019

In February 2017 Elliot & The Bebs left the grey skies of the North of England for the sun kissed east coast of Australia. Moving your life to the opposite side of the world for a couple of years may seem daunting to most, but when you’ve got Coogee beach on your doorstep and a crew of friends waiting for you at The Pav, it’s really not so bad.

The transient city that Sydney is has always drawn people from all over the world, but what keeps it interesting is how each individual leaves their mark on the city. Over the course of his time in Australia we slowly chipped away at this section in an attempt to represent Elliot’s take on the City of Sydney. Cheers for the good times Elliot and come back soon!

Directed by | Dom West
Produced by | Vine St Cinema
Featuring | Elliot Stevens
Photography | Adam Kola


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