Epic GrindshoesEpic Grindshoes: Top 10 questions answered
from Epic Grindshoes on 21 Apr 2022

Epic Grindshoes: Top 10 questions answered. These are the questions that we get asked the most on social media, so we put together this quick video to help you with your doubts. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments. Discover our Epic Grindshoes collection here: https://linkpop.com/epicgrindshoes00:00 Video start00:31 1. Where can I find Epic Grindshoes?01:10 2. How can I get the right size?01:38 3. Will there be bigger sizes in the future?02:06 4. Will there be a Vegan shoe?02:31 5. Is the backslide plate replaceable?03:21 6. Can grindshoes be used for regular walking?04:06 7. Are the shoes clumpy and heavy?04:43 8. Whats the difference between Hi-Tops and regular?05:34 9. How long will the shoes last?06:43 10. Is Epic just a copy of Soap shoes?#EpicGrindshoes #Grindshoes #Epicshoes