Eugen Enin Park file on 60mm UC team wheels (Undercover Wheels)

Undercover WheelsEugen Enin Park file on 60mm UC team wheels
from Undercover Wheels on 6 Dec 2018

Nothing more satisfying than a fresh set of wheels for a day in the park, right? UC Wheels pro skater Eugen Enin absorbed that street knowledge and set up his USD Skates with a fresh set fo UC team wheels, coming in 60mm 90A perfection with a fast round profile and crystal clear white PU. Filmed & edited by Daniel Enin / Borklyn Zoo.

The whole UC team wheel collection is out now, clean white wheels in the following diamters: 55mm 92A, 58mm 90A, 59mm 90A, 60mm 90A, 80mm 86A, 90mm 86A, 100mm 86A, 110mm 86A.

Video: Borklyn Zoo


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