Tom MoyseEugen Enin Wins NYC invitational 2023 (round 4) #shorts
from Tom Moyse on 28 Aug 2023

The metrocard classic hosted the NYC Street Invitational and Eugen Enin won round 4. Here is a clip of him doing a 450 royale. ResultsRound 13rd place – Yandriel Silverio2nd place – Yuto Goto 1st place – Eugen Enin Round 23rd place – Sean Darst 2nd place – Yandriel Silverio 1st place – Alex BroskowRound 33rd place – Sascha Simms 2nd place – Eugen Enin 1st place – John Bolino Round 43rd place – Mick Casals 2nd place – Michael Witzemann 1st place – Eugen Enin bits from: Jon aliresRollerblading puertorico Sean grossmanhoodpanda