Brandon DrummondEXTREMELY RARE ROCES JUST DROPPED! Red Faction Skates, GAWDS, X-Games, Salomon, & more Blader News
from Brandon Drummond on 19 Dec 2022

A recap of everything happening in the rollerblading industry. This is the final episode of Blader News for 2022. Thanks for a great year.0:00 Opening Clip 0:46 Red Factions SkatesFaction tactical v1 restock 1:32 Laced Mizu Line Mizu Comp Details available in America Dom Sagona USD Sways 4:06 USD 25-Year Anniversary 6:22 Joe Atkinsons new Salomon skates 8:12 Powerslide HC Evo Crofts Skates 8:51 New GAWDS SkatesGAWDS ATON GAWDS FM4 CJ Wellsomore full sending a punch 10:28 Tony Woodland GoFundMe 11:17 The State of the IndustryLaw talks about the US skate scene doing very well 12:11 Ricardo Lino is selling his private skate park Lino Enui Elite helmet 13:23 Grey Them 909 & Intuition Liners 14:53 X-games ownership changes 16:00 Great VideosHockey on a mega ramp??? The Industry Killer – Hoodpanda Mally’s 900 on Vert 18:22 Open Source G Frames 19:11 Endless Arc frames 19:54 Homie Shreds a car 20:28 Yandriel’s New Frames, Wheels & EditYandriels 50/50 frames Chroma Wheels The Promo 21:44 Very Square WheelsWax Snax Square wheel 22:20 Fruit Tech Kennan Scott Ceramic Bearings! Blading on the Brain 22:47 New 2nd Skin liner 23:10 PP3 Roces M12s – Look like Doc Martins 23:50 Future Proofing24:25 Thank You! More of my stuffTwitch: Patreon: Exclusive Videos: Instagram: Laced NZ – My Merch: TOP SECRET DISCORD, TikTok, Twitter, Subreddit & more