Final Edit before Major Surgery (nshand99)

nshand99Final Edit before Major Surgery
from nshand99 on 7 Nov 2014

This will be my FINAL and LAST Blading edit before my Major Surgery on my Shoulder on the 10th November 2014. I’ve already had an Anthroscopy and an MRI which showed that I’d torn and ripped my Shoulder Tendon Clean off the Bone,following a 20ft Fall from a Vert Wall. I clipped my shoulder on a smaller 4ft quarter below it,which dislocated my shoulder,and i then landed facefirst on the concrete floor,which knocked me clean out.
Following my Surgery on 10th November I will be out of blading for 6or so Months with Recovery and Physio. I want to thank everyone up to this point that i’ve had the pleasure of meeting,speaking to or blading with. This sport is more than just a sport. It’s a family of people with a common interest. I always wish to thank my amazing Girlfriend for supporting me and being with me through all the Hospital Appointments and procedures.
See you all at Winterclash 2015.

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