RollerbladeFirst-timers: Esmee and Erik finish the BMW Berlin-Marathon Inlineskating
from Rollerblade on 5 Oct 2022 couldnt be prouder of Esmee and Erik finished as they finished the BMW Berlin-Marathon Inlineskating for the first time. They finished the event in 1 hour 43 minutes (and 49 seconds). With big smiles on their faces, the couple shared their entire experience from training to crossing the finish line. When they arrived to the venue on Friday they both got an upgrade to their skate setup. Then they gathered at the start at the famous Berlin Branderburger Tor. Together with a bunch of friends from all over Europe the start was like a huge party. During the race, Esmee and Erik managed to stay together and skate through Berlin toward the finish line. Their goal was to finish in about 2 hours, but because of the great vibe throughout the race, they finished faster than expected. The experience of this race brought the duo some insight for preparation and setup for their next attempt in 2023. Click play to hear what the couple has to say about this amazing event.