Flip progressions Step 1 – Turtle Flip (Iain Smith)

Iain SmithFlip progressions Step 1 – Turtle Flip
from Iain Smith on 6 Jan 2018

After many requests and now a mention in the Mad Beef podcast, I am posting a few (Very Quick, 3 Second) clips showing flip progression towards a backflip.
This is the first step, it can be done lower (I will probably post some more on this at another time) but this is a “Turtle Flip” or “Ninja Turtle” as it was called. It’s essentially a cartwheel on a ramp or an invert to fakie under the coping.

Flip progressions Step 1 – Turtle Flip

Flip progressions Step 2 – Miller Flip

Flip progressions Step 3 – Custard Chucker

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