FOOLS (90’s)

from 90’s on 11 Sep 2017

Filmed in MIA-FL, ATL-GA, LA-CA, CT, NY-NY.

-Augusto Castillo
-Edwin Rodriguez
-Zachary Pollak
-Pablo Porta

-Daniel Henderson
-Jarlord Santos
-Sean Grossman
-Chris Smith
-Nick Gunter
-Grant Hazelton
-Jon Fromm
-Anthony Alari
-Jona Seufferheld
-Jeremiah Pollak
-Robbie Squire
-David Sizemore
-Ian Copp
-Edward Chung
-Mike Torres
-Tadd Labozzetta
-Chris Padilla
-Chris Moraco
-Luis Corrales
-Chris Aberger (typo in video)
-Yandriel Silverio
-Julian Garcia
-Eugen Enin
-Jordan Williams
-Joey Lunger

-Pablo Porta

Additional Filming:
-Zachary Pollak
-Augusto Castillo
-Ian Copp
-Julian Garcia
-Chris Smith
-David Sizemore
-D9lv (Daniel Enin)
-Yandriel Silverio

1. Bluhdlo – “Sayonara”
2. Coubo – “Myrrh”
3. Erotnas x Kiezen – “Free Shy”
4. j^p^n – “hallow. []”
5. j^p^n – “bloom. []”
6. Porches – “Car”
7. Bedroom – “Nothing Lasts”
8. paysndu – “raremucquenee”
9. Max Roach – “It’s Time”
10. Chicago – “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”
11. Chicago – “Colour My World”
12. Tomppabeats – “fckig[beeper]”
13. Mild High Club – “Chasing My Tail”
14. Gustavo Cerati – “Tabu”
15. Mild High Club – “Elegy”

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