Forest SUV skating – Powerslide Off-road Inline skates (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesForest SUV skating – Powerslide Off-road Inline skates
from Powerslide Inline skates on 25 Sep 2018

Quick and dirty video of the Martsenyuk brothers skating down a forest hill on their SUV off-road skates. Fast all terrain inline skating on 3 and 2 big air tires!

The vision Powerslide has for the off-road segment is to become the first choice outside activity for people seeking a sport in direct contact with nature and for those who look for a challenge outside highly populated cities. Nowadays a regular skate can cope without much effort almost every surface that we could find in a city environment, but skating experience gets affected as soon as we leave this paved surfaces. Now, with Powerslide Off-Road skates you feel home on and off road. Thanks to the big air tires, which also offer great grip on wet surfaces or on the dirt you are not limited in your skating anymore. Cobble stones or other rough surfaces can be mastered with ease. With Powerslide Off-Road skates you are able to start your skate session right from your home.
We offer two different styles of off road skates – SUV skates and Adventure skates.
Powerslide SUV skates can be used for thrilling action by skating downhill slopes, trails or pump tracks. The skates offer new possibilities never experienced before. For those who prefer to use their Off-Road skates in a more moderate way the skates offer great potential for an exhausting full body workout. Take poles like in cross country skiing and off you go for an intense training.

– Powerslide Tau with OUTBACK Trinity 3x150mm SUV frame set
– Powerslide HC Evo Pro with EDGE Trinity 2x150mm SUV frame set

Aleksey Martsenyuk
Victor Martsenyuk

Camera and Edit:
Miroslaw Tarabanowski
Pavel Kuryshev

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