Forty (Them Goods)

Them GoodsForty
from Them Goods on 4 Jul 2017

Jon Julio Section “Forty”
Like a lot of people, I owe everything to blading. Without blading I wouldn’t have been able to meet my wife and have my wonderful family. I wouldn’t be able to travel the world. I wouldn’t be able to be apart of this amazing community. Because of blading I am the person I am today. Thanks to all who have supported the brands for all of these years. “Forty” is a collection of skating footage captured from February 17, 2017 to June 9, 2017.
Thanks to David Allen Paine, Miguel Ramos, Patrick Ridder, Jason Reyna, Shaun Cortes and Pascal Morasse Raymond
Music: Nina Simone
Title: Sugar in My Bowl

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