FR SKATES – Antony Pottier UFR PRO-MODEL (

from on 31 Oct 2021

It’s been a long time coming, but Antony Pottier finally has a pro skate courtesy of FR Skates. It seemed like he was going to get one from Seba, especially after winning major events like Winterclash and Blading Cup, but it never came and then Seba went through a messy situation which resulted in a half in production on their aggressive inline for a while and the brand splitting into Seba and FR Skates. Well, it’s finally here and Antony Pottier really shows you that he can do pretty much whatever he likes on a pair of skates – he’s got the technical ability, the creativity and the style. The topsoul to spinning top to topsoul on the kink rail is probably one of the best examples of those we have seen in blading so far. Watch more videos of Antony Pottier HERE.

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