Freeskate in Amsterdam 80mm Episode 4 (Rollerblade®)

Rollerblade®Freeskate in Amsterdam 80mm Episode 4
from Rollerblade® on 13 Oct 2015

In this 80Milimetre episode Timmy Vanilli and videomaker Niels Groenendijk pay a visit to beautiful Amsterdam. They meet up with Holland’s finest: Dick Heerkens, who normally knows his way around on skates. He probably took his Dutch powerfood a bit to late…

Neide Khan, a Dutch fashionista and girlfriend of Timmy, joins the crew. She puts on a pair of Rollerblade® Twisters and gives them a try, not bad to be featured in 80 Milimitre when you’re a first time inline skater.

Watch the crew cruising through Vondelpark in the middle of Amsterdam. Dropping in from a bank at the Eye Film Museum Uptown Amsterdam and over canals in the city centre. Feel free to enjoy Amsterdam on skates; with perfect bike lines, nice architecture, canals on your left and right handside and of course a fine beverage to top it all of.

Tot snel in Amsterdam! ( See you soon in Amsterdam!)

Timmy v. Rixtel aka Timmy Vanilli
Dick Heerkens
Neide Khan
Filming: Niels Groenendijk
Drone shots: Axel v. Dijk
Thumbnail pic: Niels Groenendijk
Montage: Niels Groenendijk
Graphics: Niels Groenendijk
Text: Randy Abels
Music: Shandy Beats

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