Freestyle slalom in Seoul, Korea – Lorenzo Guslandi on Powerslide Tau Triskates (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesFreestyle slalom in Seoul, Korea – Lorenzo Guslandi on Powerslide Tau Triskates
from Powerslide Inline skates on 26 Jun 2017

Lore goes Korea! Perfect freestyle skating style combined with far eastern environment, what more can you ask for? Powerslide Urban team member Lorenzo Guslandi had the chance to visit South Korea this spring. Besides competing in freestyle contests, he used his time wisely on his Powerslide Tau Triskates, equipped with 3x90mm wheels on the ultra low Trinity Frame.
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The Tau skates come stock with a 100% carbon shell.
The Trinity carbon shell sets a new standard in the freeskating world. It´s the first carbon shell made by compression moulding like you know it from carbon parts made for the formula 1 cars or carbon frames and parts of high end race bikes. This manufacturing process enables us to reduce the weight of the shell by making the shell thinner but still increasing the overall strength compared with carbon shells made by regular wet lamination. Another benefit of the compression moulding process is the possibility to create shell designs with sharp contours which you only know from injected composite parts. The shell of the Tau skate is not symmetric as most of the shells you can find for skates. Our shell is perfectly shaped and anatomically built for left and right feet in order to create a better fitting and performance of the skate. The bottom of the shell is ventilated to keep your feet fresh.
The cuff was designed with support in mind. It´s made of a special composite compound that is super stiff thanks to the 15% fiberglass, which was mixed into the material. An integrated arch stiffens up the side to provide perfect lateral support. The long wings of the cuff can be cut if the skaters leg is too thin. The strap passes through a channel to keep it in place and to avoid slipping and flipping.

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Freestyle slalom in Seoul, Korea – Lorenzo Guslandi on Powerslide Tau Triskates

Skater: Lorenzo Guslandi
Video: Pablo Soler

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