Fritz & Glow invade Russia Pt. 5 – Moscow

Josh  GlowickiFritz & Glow invade Russia Pt. 5 – Moscow
from Josh Glowicki on 20 Nov 2011

On this episode of F & G we are in Moscow, Russia. We were invited to attend the Moscow Sesaon Opening, Hosted by Boris Gaisner @ Rollerclub.

Featuring, Alex Burston, Nick Lomax, Piotrek Combrzynski, Andrey Zaytsev. Big thank you Razors for sponsoring the Tour to Russia! and also to everyone who busted their asses to make this edit awesome!

A few of the local dudes built new boxes to shred. We had an awesome day of blading and BBQ. Thanks to everybody in Moscow for really taking care of us and showing us your country! Can’t wait till next year!

Additional angles filmed by Fritz Peitzer, Boris Gaisner and Rodion Korneev

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