JADRollerVlogFujifilm X-H2s 4K 10 bit 120 FPS FLog 2 4:2:2 720 mb/s h.265 8-03-2022 Session
from JADRollerVlog on 5 Aug 2022

Thanks to ProDigitalGear.com I finally get play with the Fujifilm XH2s. BH Photo isn’t even shipping yet as of 8-3-2022 anyway. Here is my first rollerblading session with it. I didn’t have a lot of time but I was able to sneak in a 1 hour session this week. This is mainly 4K 10 bit 120 FPS FLog 2 4:2:2 720 mb/s h.265 with a little 60 FPS in there as well. I used the X-H2s FLog 2 Eterna LUT in DaVinci Resolve. Aside from a few brightness adjustments thats all the grading I did. I turned off NR, sharpening and other corrections in camera. I wanna see the noise patterns. I used full levels in camera, exported using video levels in post to 10 bit H.265 and uploaded.Audio was recorded separately with the zoom F3 and the Sennheiser MKE 600. I applied some compression, EQ adjustments and a limiter in Resolve’s Fairlight panel. Sorry I haven’t put up a video in a while. It’s my busy season for Photo and Video. I have some fun videos planned so stay tuned. Thank you for watching!