Future Destinations

mykel fataliFuture Destinations
from mykel fatali on 9 Nov 2010

“Future Destinations”
Edited by Joshua Brennan
Filmed by many
17min. 45sec.

A small slice of rolling history, thought to be lost for years, but alas, one copy remained. “Future Destinations” documents the skate scene in southeastern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and parts of California circa 1999-2000. It contains profiles on Josh Strange, Dustin Diamond, Carlos Worthington and two “everybody” sections. The project was abandoned before the credits and names were inserted, and the original notes are lost. If you are in the film and not listed, contact me and I will amend the skater list: loveasmurder@hotmail.com

Wisconsin – Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, +?
Illinois – Chicago, Rockford, +?
California – ?

Skaters featured (tentative list):
Mike Radebaugh
Dustin Diamond
Josh Strange
Carlos Worthington
Alex Soto
Jimmy Cline
Scott Rubens
Joshua Brennan
Phil Kaye
Doug Manley
Grant Dickerson
and more…

Music credits:
Intro: Nymb – “Brews” – Glass Eye ep
Josh Strange: Atmosphere – “Free or Dead” – Lucy Ford ep
Dustin Diamond: Mos Def – “Do It Now” – Black On Both Sides
Carlos Worthington: DJ Qbert – “Redworm” – Wave Twisteres
Everybody 1: Peanut Butter Wolf – “Hold Up” – My Vinyl Weighs A Ton
Everybody 2: Pele – “Gymnastics (Pam)” – Elephant

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