Ground Control – Julian Bah (Simon Mulvaney)

Simon MulvaneyGround Control – Julian Bah
from Simon Mulvaney on 5 Jun 2013

Released in 2011, Ground Control came to define a years worth of achievement from the blading community. Featuring a strong roster of talent from the team itself and directed by Simon Mulvaney, this film tells a story of the frames beneath the feet of every GC rider.

Episode 9 highlights the insane trick vocabulary of one of the most iconic bladers of all time; Julian Bah, all executed with breathetaking style and precision. Shot entirely in sun soaked San Diego and Las Vegas, we get a glimpse of what it is like to party and blade with the man himself.

A film by Simon Mulvaney

‘In The Summer’ by Crystal Fighters

Starring Brian Aragon, Joey Chase, Julian Bah, Chaz Sands, Damien Wilson, Gabriel Hyden, Alex Burston and Nils Jansons.

Also featuring Dre Powell, Stefan Horngacher, Sammy Chase, Yuri Botelho, Mathias Silhan, Lyle Shivak, Kåre Lindberg, Marc Moreno, Dominik Wagner, Andrew Jaccuzi, Keaton Newsom, David Andrews, Derek Henderson, Chris Haffey, Michael Braud.

Camera Operators: Simon Mulvaney, Chaz Sands, Damien Wilson, Joey Chase, Max Manning, Phillip Long, Josh Glowicki, Gabriel Hyden, Rolsn Rollschauch, Martin Jansons, Marc Moreno, Brent Hicks, Sammy Chase, Pete Dearden, Dre Powell, Julian Bah, Stefan Horngacher.

Script Supervisor: Tom Roberts

Audio Technician: Simon Mulvaney

VFX Artist: Simon Mulvaney

Editor: Simon Mulvaney

Second Unit Directors: Chaz Sands, Damien Wilson, Gabriel Hyden, Max Manning, Phillip Long, Josh Glowicki, Martin Jansons, Marc Moreno

Line Producer: Andy Wagener

Assistant Producers: Simon Mulvaney, Jan Welch, Geoff Acres,

Director: Simon Mulvaney

Executive Producer: Jon Elliott

We started Ground Control in order to fill a void in the industry. Skating had evolved into a high impact stunt orientated art form and the frames on the market wouldn’t hold up to our rolling. We needed a frame that the elite pro’s could trust under their boots, a frame that allowed them to continue to push the envelope. After months of working with a structural engineer and CAD designer we released not only the first after market UFS frame but the industries first symmetrical frame as well. The standard was set and GC was born.

My close friend Chris Peel helped me put together the logo. I wanted something that we (the rollerbladers) would recognise each other by. From across a crowd in any given airport or park the blade would serve its purpose. The GC sickle was designed to be your flag, like a secret handshake it only belongs to those who just ‘get it’. I’m proud to have had such an elite team over the years and be involved in such an eclectic industry. The current roster has given their blood for this film so do them the favor and soak it up. Enjoy the trip.

Thank you,
Jon Elliott

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