Gwinett County Transit Resolution – Cutdown (dā-dō)

dā-dōGwinett County Transit Resolution – Cutdown
from dā-dō on 1 Mar 2021

It was great to team up with Brackett to knock out this transit resolution video for Gwinnett. The objective was to take a dense, complicated subject and create an educational video explaining the upcoming transit resolution on the ballot. We pushed the Gwinnett County brand to the limit to design and animate this minute and a half video simplifying the subject. Ultimately we would up translating this video into 4 different languages for use on social/web and the design for the video was ultimately repurposed for other social ads surrounding the subject.

Studio: Brackett
Agency: Jackson Spalding
Executive Producer: Eric Brackett
Creative Direction: Mike Martin
Art Direction/Animation: David Dodge
Client: Gwinnett County

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