Jo ZenkH A B I B I $
from Jo Zenk on 9 Feb 2021

‘HABIBI$’ is a brand new #rollerblading video picture produced by MNSTR BLADE.It is filmed & edited by Deniz Btk in collaboration with the #mnstrblade crew during 2020’s on and off lockdown season in NRW, Germany. Operating from Mnster (Westf.) This season hit different. Since travels were on a halt, Jo stayed in town through the year and together with Deniz and PJ Smith they would form the spine of the project.Focusing on Jo & Smith clips in early 2020 they’d embrace session with #StarlightExpress TRAX Etienne Vogel to put some clout to his street name while shows were paused. Being home Jo also could host Harry who came by in early 2020 to join crew for a week. A bit later MVG got forced out of spain when numbers were rising and joined us for a bit. As a third miniview local crewmember JD managed to make his street debut with his first handrail and more.Avoiding Corona virus as much as possible while meeting up with the homies in between lockdowns the crew stayed on home ground while numbers were rising.Thanks everybody showing up and meeting safely during these strange times. Great sessions, we hope it shows. Thanks to everybody we met on the way on or off tape.enjoy this piece thanks for watching!Produced by Deniz Btk & Jo Zenk for MNSTRBLADE & the homies00:00 Intro00:42 PJ Smith 03:25 MVG & Harry + mixed 15:54 mixed 207:08 Etienne Vogel highlight08:00 mixed 309:38 Jo Zenk + Outrofeatured #skating:PJ Smith – @pjsmis Vogel – @etiennstagram Zenk – @jo.zenk – @harrycan MVG – @mvgblades JD – @blaulichtwirdzurotlicht main cam, super8 & editing:Deniz Btk – @deniz.den.b – us on IG & fb:@mnstrblade Jo on Patreon: you want to support this project which we decided to put out for free for the community with subject “habibis”or wait for the merch to drop – hopefully very soon (we facing delays)if you need skates or skating equipment:check – @grindhouse.skateshopfresh clothing: – @syeahskate – @bladelifeclothingSUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE TY#extreme #challenge #becauseitsfun #skating #inlineskating