Hawke TracklerHappy Tooth – Popularity Receipts
from Hawke Trackler on 3 Jul 2024

“Popularity Receipts” – proof of attempts or effort into gaining notoriety. Holy shit we are back with another one. This isn’t a drill or a joke. He has been killing it. I have been personally shocked a lot filming this SOB recently haha. Happy Tooth comes as correct as one could hope to when creating a skate section. We are both very proud of how this turned out. We both like to consider making these video parts as a form of art. Put it up next to people who do graffiti, a open mic or whatever blows your hair back. We just kick it and follow our inspiration a few days a week and here we are. Now thats not too say he doesn’t put in a lot work cause he most certainly does…fuck haha I know all too well how crazy it is to film someone try to get a trick over 300 times and get it on 301. It is a feeling of accomplishment I cant even put into words sometimes and thats just me filming it. I can only imagine how it must feel for Mr. Tooth. I mean this dude works a labor intensive 40 hour a week job and still comes and scoops my broken ass up and we still go out and film. It has been a experience for sure haha this man is wild and also to be able to skate a chain like its a rail still doesn’t make sense to me cause its not easy in the slightest plus its deadly as hell haha. We are just a couple of guys out here still making rollerblading content for the love of the sport. We both hope you enjoy it cause we had fun making it. Leave some love if you liked it. I see all muhaha