Holland in Barcelona (Thisissoul)

ThisissoulHolland in Barcelona
from Thisissoul on 8 Nov 2011

This summer a group of Dutch skaters travelled all the way to Barcelona to have two weeks of fun. This edit is the result of those two weeks.


Ryan Claus
Rik van Huik (Thisissoul Team Rider)
Pascal Tan (Thisissoul Team Rider)
Thijs Tel
Bojd Vredevoogd
Tjeerd Weijers

We would like to thank:
Donny (For being there during one of the weekends)
Kaj and Giorgio (For the nice sessions we had)
Gerard and Sarah and the other locals (For helping us find spots and the nice sessions)
Supportive Parents

First Section: Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill
Second Section: The Roots – Radio Daze (Featuring Blu, P.O.R.N and Dice Raw)

Video by Thijs Tel

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