Tom MoyseHow a Joke Changed Rollerblading.
from Tom Moyse on 14 Nov 2023

What’s the hardest thing about rollerblading? Was a homophobic joke that had an enormous impact on skating, specifically aggressive inline skating. But how did such an absurd joke have an effect and where did it come from?To understand it all we are going to look back through rollerblading and skateboardings history, how the came to popularity, early skate culture, who their target audience was, their attitudes and the attitudes of society in the 90s specifically towards homosexuals.We will also look at the knock on effect of the joke, how it still comes up today and how rollerblading has become a tighter knit community. At a point in the 90s rollerblading was the fastest growing participation sport, towering over skateboarding and snowboarding but it was those sports that went on to mainstream success and the Olympics, while aggressive inline skating was left behind. This channel runs off your support, you can get involved by:Become a member: some Merchandise: the Patreon donations and more: up some Muzzle merch How a joke almost killed rollerblading00:56 The history of Rollerblading02:46 The birth of aggressive inline skating03:41 Daily Bread Magazine – The rollerblading bible04:02 Rollerblading in Hollywood – Prayer of the rollerboys, Airborne, Brink04:36 How inline skating inspired the start of the x games05:26 Mad Beef The Hoax and Senate aggressive skating culture – Arlo Eisenberg 07:21 Rollerblading was at the top08:03 The history of Skateboarding – Surfers, punk and Thrasher09:18 Skateboarding vs Rollerblading – culture differences 09:48 Whats the hardest thing about rollerblading? – Bill Burr, Aziz Ansari, Louis CK10:31 Why it had an impact – School culture in the 90s and masculinity 11:42 Skateboardings Big Brother Magazine and homophobia 12:53 Rollerblading became a joke to American popular culture – Jackass, Big Daddy, adverts13:55 Inline skatings lack of culture and history – its easy to make look silly15:08 The struggle of Gay athletes – Brian Anderson Skateboarder16:06 The rise of skateboarding the fall of rollerblading getting kicked out the x games17:07 How attitude changed within rollerblading – More hammers18:16 If it wasnt street skating it wasnt rollerblading18:50 How skateboarding progressed and how rollerblading expanded – community 19:29 How the jokes still come up todayTHEM SKATES presents | BACETHEM sourced by Skate O Four